Sentiment Analysis for the Average Jane or Joe

It has been awhile since my last post.  Sorry about that.  Lots and lots of stuff going on that I can’t write about, so I’ve been content deprived.  I’ve also been in the media a fair amount these days because semantic analysis is hitting its stride (three years after my first report on the topic).  I wrote a piece in this blog awhile ago talking about how institutional trading technology has a way of migrating to the retail market.  For semantic analysis, that seems to be happening much earlier than I expected.  Most trading firms are still in exploratory phases with unstructured data in black box trading.  But, the world is already opening up through online channels to retail trading people.  I’ll give you three bookmarks, and if you know of more, please comment on this article with the site to share with the rest of us.

  1. StockTwits
  2. TweetTrader
  3. Flame Index

The first two track Twitter for stock sentiment, which is what everyone wants to talk about these days.  The third site tracks news sites and trends news sentiment for particular instruments.  I also had a chance to talk to John Coulter over at Titan Trading about their arrangement with Penson.  It looks like Penson is going to use Titan’s analytics to offer up unique algos to their institutional clients.  Truth be told, I’m disappointed.  Penson clears for some of the fun active trader sites and could be a leader in offering up unique tools to that community as well with very little, if any, extra effort.  Ah well.  To be king for a day.

To all you research providers, discount brokers, and personal financial management providers, you might take a look at some of these tools to deliver something different to your clients.  I mean, isn’t the whole social media thing about knowing and being known?  What investor isn’t going to be interested in what other people think about their investments at an aggregate sentiment level?  Anyway, I just thought those sites were kind of cool and I should share with my friends.

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